Managing growth

September 28, 2022

AXES, the noted fintech company, is coming to G2E to show what it can offer a fast-changing industry. President and CEO Earle G. Hall gives us the rundown.

What are you looking forward to exhibiting at G2E?

We are excited to present three new products in our booth this year. First is our media platform of cashless screens – that are high resolution and interactive – and will be used for our entire cashless platform as well as our media platform. This is so exciting as we have connected this screen to broadcast cashless information (cash in, cash out, card balances, app balances), loyalty and engagement information (rewards, promos, and player’s club information and activity), as well as being directly linked with major ad platforms to generate revenue for our clients with high quality, interactive publicity.

Second, this year we will demonstrate a seamless open-to-closed loop transaction with our partners Flexia and Blueberry. Whether it be to create a player’s account, link it with a bank account or credit card, transport funds to the machine and around the casino, we will show how cashless should be done with a player’s card or a player’s app, in real-time.

At last there is our loyalty and engagement program. AXES has had loyalty and engagement since 2011, and we now have extended our solution to all our cashless platforms. Our marketing campaign’s app is now linked to our KashME point of sale platform and our kiosk solution. In short, our cashless platform and loyalty and engagement platform tracks, rewards and recognizes players in real time. This ensures that players are VIP all the time. Other enhancements have been done as well, but we will keep those surprises for our client demos at G2E.

What sort of R&D goes into producing your products?

As a fast-paced start-up, we have been deeply R&D focused since our inception.  More than half of the AXES team worldwide is in R&D. We have a 24 hour-a-day development cycle and our cloud platforms as well as our BlackBoxes are updated in real time all through the week. To accomplish that, we have five teams around the world specialized in their areas of expertise to grow in all areas of our vision and mission, including database management, cloud infrastructure, transaction management, products and development operations.

What do you hope to get out of attending G2E?

G2E offers us three things: meet and greet our clients and thank them for their business; meet and greet partners, friends of AXES and loyal followers to renew our friendships and find synergies for the coming year; do as many demos as we can to educate our industry on the future of our industry. This is the year for Tribal America. AXES will enter many Tribal markets in the USA this year, and G2E is the official kick-off for this initiative.


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