Staying on Trac

September 27, 2022

Chad Hoehne, President and CEO of CasinoTrac, tells our readers how to stay abreast in the high-tech world of casino management systems.

What services does CasinoTrac provide to the industry?

CasinoTrac is singularly focused on providing a comprehensive casino management system that includes user and customer facing features (that many casinos have to purchase separately from third party providers) with its current CMS solution. This includes features like an integrated player-focused KioskTrac, DataTrac for in-depth data analytics and dashboarding, reflexive rewards auto tiering, an offer generator, mobile app, cashless transactions, player information web portals, and, of course, our Table Trac table games CMS.

How have your products evolved over the last year?

During this last year we upgraded all of our customers to a new version – 4.6. This enhanced our ability to create and offer a broader range of promotions and new kiosk based games, added more flexible revenue reporting in the accounting area, and added multi-game pay table level tracking and reporting.

CasinoTrac customers receive these version updates , including installation and training, at no extra cost.

How does the company stay ahead of the competition?

We look at our industry through the lens of how a CMS can impact the betterment of our customers’ experiences while gaming.  Our two most recent patents are examples of technology applied for the benefit of the casino gamer at our customers’ casino: one in the area of responsible Covid-19 re-opening and another personal mobile device app which controls conveniences like cashless transactions while you are gaming.

What does Casino Trac hope to get out of a major tradeshow such as G2E?

It is an important time where we can gain exposure to other casinos that need our solutions but who may not be familiar with us. Also, we meet with other providers in the space where introductions and cooperation for mutual benefit arise.

What’s in store for the upcoming year?

More cash and cashless innovations along with a major version update, version 5, which reimagines system ease of use with the addition of smart guidance tools and a new look and feel for the user.  


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