September 27, 2022 Land Based

New on the scene


Velvix CEO Stanley Ku discusses the value of publicity, growing brand awareness and his company breaking into North America.

What is Velvix’s place in the industry?

Velvix is a newcomer to the US market but by no means new to the gaming and game design industries. The company maintains three offices, each with its own unique mix of team members that bring a variety of experience to the company. Our Los Angeles office is the head of our North America operations team. Our sales, marketing and gaming operations departments are located here and include team members who are well-versed and experienced in the gaming industry, both in the United States as well as overseas. Our office in Sydney, Australia, includes our game design and R&D teams. Velvix employs artists, developers and mathematicians with years of experience in the development of electronic gaming machines. Finally, our Taiwan office is home to our executive team and advisors, all bringing experience in the development and distribution of slot games to the organization.

How have your products evolved over the last year?

While Velvix is relatively new to the North American gaming market, we have taken the short time we have been operating here to further elevate, enhance and develop our product line. This includes not only the creation of new games, but enhancements to several of our key launch titles based on customer and player feedback. Game evolution is powered not only by our own internal research and development team, but also directly by the feedback we get from customers and players on the floor. This is how we plan to continue operations: ensuring that we are always evolving and staying ahead of marketplace changes and demands.

How does your company stay ahead of the competition?

The core goal at Velvix is to continue to solve problems for our clients while offering innovative games and technology that players will enjoy. It can be difficult for newcomers to the market to gain traction. We have worked to build brand awareness in a variety of ways. The first is ensuring that we attend all of the relevant major trade events and shows. From G2E to NIGA and other regional events, it is important that we stay in front of our customers and show them that we are truly connected to the market. Next, we ensure that we maintain constant communication with our customers and partners. While the placement of games is integral to our business, so is the continued communication and support of our partners. We promise to deliver best-in-class games to the marketplace and we can only achieve this by constantly pushing for feedback and comments from our casino operator partners.

What does Velvix get out of a major tradeshow such as G2E?

As a newcomer to the market, global trade shows such as G2E are key to us developing awareness of our brand and showcasing our products. Trade shows such as G2E and NIGA help us reach our target market as well as allow us to showcase new games to our existing customers and contacts. We also greatly appreciate learning about new trends in the industry. These are important and help us make data-based decisions on the development of new products and services. 

What’s in store for the upcoming year?

In addition to the launch of our first products in California and Oklahoma, we aim to develop new titles based on recent market feedback. The creation of new games with exciting features that will continue to engage players and keep our customers flush with new titles is our goal. Our team will be launching two brand new titles this year at G2E in Las Vegas, with even more titles planned for the spring of 2023.

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