September 27, 2022 Payments

Strong flex


Flexia Payment CEO Craig Libson tells Gaming America about his bold vision for the future of the company.

How has your product evolved over the last year?

We’re at an exciting, pivotal moment for Flexia. We recently signed agreements with four significant casino management platform providers for complete integration of our cashless gaming solution, with more systems in the works. We can now offer our instant registration and onboarding, compliance, funds transfer, data, and marketing features to more than 500 casinos that use these systems. One of these platforms can also service up to 1,000 small locations for lottery. We have had a great reaction to our product over the last year.I think we are universally recognized as the best solution out there. And while we’re a lot smaller than other household names in the market, we’ve been more nimble; we built this product from the ground up. We’ve had a great pent up demand, so we see this next year as having explosive growth for us.

What are you looking to accomplish at G2E this year?

At G2E this year, we’re looking forward to being able to actually schedule implementations with the casinos now that we have added integrations to the platform. We are also hoping to roll out new relationships, such as companies that we are integrating with both in terms of card issuance and card load. I think, most importantly, what we’ll see at our booth this year as opposed to last year are the names, logos and personnel of some of the other casino management systems with which we’re involved, so there will be a certain prominence in our booths of those relationships. As well, when you visit the booths of some of these other casino systems, they’ll be displaying Flexia as their preferred cashless solution.

We’re going to have our own footprint that is going to be the next level from anything you’ve ever seen, so that’s an exciting step up for us.

Where do you want to see the company 18-24 months from now? 

The path that we’re on in the casino environment , where we have some good tailwind, should take a natural progression of significant growth. We’ve started some discussion with online operators, which is the first step in achieving our dream: to serve as a bridge between online and casinos, as well as other ecosystems such as lottery. We’ve started initiatives in a few other verticals like the video game market and esports betting (whether peer-to-peer or traditional betting). Again, our platform is a mutli-functional hub among open loop and closed loop accounts – empowering innovation and enhancement. Expanding into these other verticals is what you’ll probably see, especially 12-24 months from now. The next 12 months are all about casino and online gaming.

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