September 27, 2022 Payments

A path to frictionlessness


Cleve Tzung, CEO of Passport Technology, recounts the accomplishments of the year gone by and the direction for future growth.

How have your products evolved over the last year? 

We’ve focused on platforms like DataStream and Lush. These are platforms that add value in unique ways and are hard to replicate.  DataStream is our proprietary switch that allows us to add reliability and redundancy to a casino’s ATM and POS payments on the floor. We’re also introducing differentiating pricing products through DataStream, allowing casinos to manage payment pricing by customer tier level and through the peaks and valleys of customer demand.  We bought our loyalty platform, Lush, before G2E last year and are aggressively rolling it out. We view loyalty as a solid standalone product, but our product roadmap really changes the game when we add loyalty to payments.

How do land-based casinosstand to benefit by integrating your technology?

The basic function of getting cash must be as frictionless and reliable as possible to ensure the highest velocity of cash movement on the floor. As we have with our LiveCage, DataStream and CashStream products, intelligent automation helps a casino increase speed and accuracy. The other benefit our loyalty platform provides is improved customer retention and value. Casinos spend large amounts of marketing dollars acquiring and attracting customers. Once they become customers, our automated, customizable loyalty products heighten the brand awareness of the casino through programs designed to reward their loyalty and spending at the casino.

How do you stay ahead of the competition?

We’re focusing on identifying what the casinos and the patrons need and want and then delivering it to them. That focus will drive our success. 

How has Passport Technology benefitted from its merger last year with Automated Systems America Inc.? 

We’ve broadened our geographic scope to be a global player while also broadening our product portfolio. The combination allows us to scale up our efforts with a broader and better set of tools to deploy for the benefit of our customers.

What are your major aspirations for the next year? 

We’ll be entering new geographic markets and introducing new products that  will tie our systems together in some truly exciting ways. We’ll be doing this through a combination of internal development and the right financial and strategic partnerships.

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