July 4, 2022

Your data is the driving force behind your most critical business decisions. VizExplorer'snewest product offerings bring that data front and center and make it easy to obtain clear and actionable insights. Our VizOnDemand platform embodies simplicity and automation through a clean, intuitive user interface that leverages AI and provides predictive analytics.

VizOnDemand covers the most critical areas of the casino business – slots and player development and marketing. Operators have seamless access to their most important data. VizOnDemandproducts are configurable and provide actionable recommendations as well as insightful reports that track both machine and player data.

VizOnDemand’s out-of-the-box reporting capability provides immediate impact and syncs with industry-best practice analytics. Whether you want to see high-level performance metrics or drill down into granular detail of your games, manufacturers, and/or players, Viz makes it simple to grab these insights and make revenue-driving decisions from them.

Ease of use and flexibility are big differentiating factors for the reporting suite. With just a couple of button clicks you can navigate from reviewing slot performance to visualizing how the player development team is pacing. In addition to that, the ability to rapidly develop and deploy custom reports that show you where the business is going is a game changer.

Our recommendation engines are unique. We leverage AI and disparate data sources to guide the operator through a fully automated, customizable set of prioritized recommendations based on ROI. We leverage both customer and machine data to provide an extraordinary level of insight into customer and machine behavior with future predictions built in.

Slot Recommendation Engine (SRE) automates two time consuming but critical casino functions: optimizing slot floor decisions and estimating – in advance – the ROI for any given slot change. SRE uses both machine and customer data to provide rapid and prioritized recommendations for products that are already on the casino floor.SRE helps operators quickly find new revenue opportunities by analyzingthe entire floor to find hidden low costand high impact changes. This allows casinos to optimize their capital spend and ensure that the right games are in the right place for the right customers.



Jul/Aug 2022

With the dense, muggy heat of summer now upon us, it is time to descend to the cool, air-conditioning of the casino floor. But what’s this? The casino floor has changed? Slowly but surely, it has indeed. With the rise...