July 4, 2022 Casino, Technology



Galaxy Gaming, a distributor of casino table games and technology, has recently announced the launch of Triton Casino Systems, a brand-new table game progressive operating system. Triton Casino Systems works to refine what made  its precursor,Bonus Jackpot System, successful by adding a wealth of new features to enhance the casino floor.

Triton Casino Systems aims to provide casino partners with the flexibility for a variety of progressive configurations including daily jackpots, real-time progressives and tiered progressives. Simplifying the dealer procedure and jackpot payouts is the inventive and easy-
to-use dealer pad. The new Triton sensors are available in a variety of colors and are calibrated to operate in a variety of lighting conditions.

Speaking on this new product, Todd Cravens, President and CEO of Galaxy Gaming, said: “We have delivered a successful progressive jackpot system for many years.But we listened to our partners and developed a brand-new platform that gives them the features and customizations needed for this evolving industry. The Triton Casino System is more than a new progressive jackpot system. It’s a scalable tool that allows Galaxy Gaming and our customers to continue to develop best-in-class experiences.”

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