Product Review: BLAST Bingo Management System (BMS)

May 18, 2022

BLAST Bingo Management System (BMS) provides operators with the functionality to highlight new games and upcoming events; and a customizable carousel to tailor their entertainment center offerings (including food and beverage specials and embedded short promotional or community videos).

For faster and smoother operations, BLAST BMS minimizes the number of keystrokes required to complete each transaction, quicker repeat sales features, and the option of issuing paper bingo inventory and cash floats on a session-by-session or daily basis, depending on the needs of the operator. BLAST BMS includes a full-featured, wireless point-of-sale terminal that provides all the same functionality of a standard point-of-sale terminal, including top-ups, product sales, bingo verification, and more. The scheduler gives operators the option to set up recurring sessions (much like a meeting request in calendar programs) so if the same session is played every day at the same time, it can be set up once and it will schedule per your parameters: daily, weekly or particular days. With today’s high operational costs, heightened security requirements and the need for maximum flexibility, BLAST BMS back office can be cloud-hosted, thus reducing on-prem hardware costs, providing greater security and minimizing downtime.


May/Jun 2022

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