January 17, 2022 Technology

Product review: Flexia's cashless solution


Flexia is transforming the customer experience by empowering a true cashless solution for the gaming industry.

The customizable, fully integrated Flexia Cashless Solution combines multiple accounts – casino and online gaming, casino loyalty program and a Mastercard account – in a single mobile solution, providing players the flexibility to fund and use their gaming accounts, and enabling customers to earn loyalty points for spending outside the casino.

The entire process is seamless and simple, from player onboarding to funding through to cash-out. Fully integrated into the casino’s CMS, Flexia’s robust platform controls instant account activation and card issuance (digital and/or physical) at the casino, general account management functions, connectivity with financial networks for funding and cash-outs, KYC/AML tools and monitoring. The Flexia team works closely with the casino operator to tailor the solution to existing systems and the casino’s needs.

The Flexia App lets players instantly load funds directly from their bank account, debit card or other e-wallets and seamlessly transfer funds between their digital wallet, gaming accounts, and favorite game without ever leaving the gaming floor. The mobile app makes it simple for players to cash out of their gaming account and to easily access their funds in the digital wallet for use at retail, restaurants or at ATMs.

In addition, players earn casino loyalty points from casino play and Mastercard and spend both inside and outside the casino, allowing customers to achieve VIP loyalty status faster and access unique, member-only promotional benefits customized to their preferences and spending habits.

One of the many benefits of Flexia’s Cashless Solution is that it enables operators to better understand their players’ behaviors on and off their properties, thus allowing the casino to customize player accounts with dynamic features and functionality driven by account profile, loyalty program level or other parameters set by the gaming operator.

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