November 15, 2021 Technology

Product Review: IDComply from GeoComply


GeoComply’s all-in-one KYC and AML solution, IDComply, aims to achieve the industry’s highest verification rate through a multi-vendor waterfall workflow. The winner of this year’s Digital Product of the Year, IDComply streamlines operators' KYC and AML processes through increasing user acceptance by checking users’ IDs against multiple KYC vendors. It also streamlines multi-state KYC by reducing the operator’s compliance overhead, using IDComply’s compliance engine to stay on top of KYC requirements across all jurisdictions.

Lastly, IDComply reduces manual verifications through improved success rates gained via automated data verification, lowering the need for manual reviews.

David Briggs, founder and CEO of GeoComply, added: “We’re really happy to be providing both KYC and geolocation compliance to Amelco in support of its expanding sportsbook operations in the US market.

“With KYC and geolocation compliance critical aspects of online betting, it makes sense to manage both using a single API and back-office. Plus, the benefits of having seamless multi-state KYC capabilities along with multi-vendor fail-over capability for age and identity verification is huge.”

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