November 15, 2021 Casino, Interview

Incredible Technologies Releases First New Platform Since 2013


Prism VXP features three screens, one triggered by game play. Michael Bartlett sits down with Caitlin Harte to find out more.

Illinois-based Incredible Technologies is known for both its casino products and video games such as its headlining Golden Tee Golf franchise. Caitlin Harte, director of product marketing, sat down with Gaming America at the recent Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas and gave us an update on the company’s big reveal at G2E.


What products/services is Incredible Technologies unveiling at this year’s G2E?

The main product making its debut is a new cabinet named Prism VXP. It is our first new platform since 2013. We have made different iterations of the Infinity platform all along.  Prism features three screens, including a 55-inch screen in the back that uses a commercial-grade motor to rise up 13 inches. The expansion feature is integrated into gameplay. Different games have different themes and features. The Prism VXP definitely is the first of its kind.


Were your production timelines and/or new product reveals disrupted by the pandemic? If so, how?

We actually are pretty proud of the fact we were able to develop a new cabinet during the pandemic. None of our employees were furloughed. We are keeping tabs on supply chain issues. We are having to order inventory a lot further out than usual.


Is this the company’s first convention in a while?

We were at NIGA [National Indian Gaming Association] and OIGA [Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association]. It was our first time exhibiting at OIGA.


What is the goal for Incredible Technologies at G2E?

G2E is a much bigger presence for us. Our main goal is to show off the new platform and to connect with our customers for the first time in a long time.


What are the company’s goals for the rest of 2021 and into Q1 of 2022?

One of our main focuses with the new cabinet launch is making it a priority for the rest of this year and into next year, but we also will make sure to keep supporting our existing products.