November 15, 2021 Sports Betting

Tapping In


SuzoHapp is looking to tap the surge in US sports betting popularity, offering new printers and terminals at G2E. Michael Bartlett caught up with global marketing director Tiffany Sadler at the show to find out more.

SuzoHapp supplies a variety of product lines to not just the global gaming industry, but also amusement, vending, industrial, transportation and retail markets. Tiffany Sadler, global marketing director for SuzoHapp, sat down with Gaming America at the recent Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas to discuss new products, as well as the challenges it is facing as the world recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic.


What products/services did SuzoHapp unveil at this year’s G2E?

We had quite an offering, starting with our new sports betting terminal line, SBT 1000, a standard terminal. The SBT 500 is a bar-top terminal and our new over-the-counter unit. In addition, we launched our partnership with CountR in the CRT (cash redemption terminal) market. We are offering three different options – the gold unit, which features full ATM functionality; the silver unit, with a uniquely small footprint; and 2Pay, a cashless card-to-ticket terminal that is ultra small. We also unveiled a new video topper, SH1950, and two new handle mechanisms.


Were your production timelines and/or new product reveals disrupted by the pandemic? If so, how?

The pandemic definitely posed a challenge for us, mostly in delays for certifications. We also saw delays with prototyping due to supply chain issues. For the most part, G2E is the deadline most companies set for their new products, so we were ready; but as far as production goes, we are not as ready as we would like to be for Q4 and into Q1 of 2022.


Is this the company’s first convention in a while?

We had a presence at OIGA [Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association] and SAEE, which is the Southern Amusement and Entertainment Expo. We didn’t have a booth at OIGA, but we worked with one of our partners and presented products through their booth. At SAEE, our booth was more last-minute and scaled down from what we normally do.


What was the goal for SuzoHapp at G2E?

Even at G2E, we scaled down significantly from what we did in 2019. Our booth was half the size it normally would be for this show because most of our European clients were not here. Therefore, we did not bring the products that apply to Europe.

Because we were operating with space limitations, we were a lot more strategic. Instead of relying on passers by, we used it as an opportunity to get our customers to come by for appointments – and it worked. We have pretty much had non-stop meetings since the show began. With two primary launches – sports betting terminal and CRTs – we wanted to show how well they work in sequence with each other. We showed that with a demo for our customers, demonstrating the process, both cashless or using cash for a bet and then cashing out. Sports betting is really taking off, so this is a critical market for us.


What are SuzoHapp’s goals for the rest of 2021 and into Q1 of 2022?

Because of all the supply chain issues, we have a lot of product on the water or in the railyard, so our goal is to move it as quickly as possible. We want to give our team the support and resources they need to move products as fast as possible given these delays. In Q1 2022, we will work with our partners to continue customizing our differentiators. We will be looking for different locations and different options to tailor the experience for every customer.


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