September 14, 2021 Sports Betting

Making Strides


Nick Nally, MD for the Americas at Continent 8 Technologies, talks about the technical and infrastructure advances made recently that allow operators and suppliers to enter emerging markets like US sports betting.

While the opening of new markets, the announcement of mergers and acquisitions, and the launching of the latest games are the stories that most often make the headlines, the technological and infrastructure advancements made in recent months and years are just as crucial to driving growth across the sector.

In order to enter these new markets and offer players the latest games or betting opportunities, operators require an ever-more advanced technical set-up and one that is compliant with what can be complex regulation.

This is certainly the case for those entering the US for the first time due to the state-by-state nature of the market.

During our Leaders & Legends webinar in February, Shimon Akad of Playtech described the US market as the biggest opportunity for igaming. The US is a significant emerging market for us and our customers, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure we’re operational in states where required as soon as they go live. We are already established in 22 states with further sites to launch this year.

Our investment in the US began in 2014 and resulted in the opening of a tier 3 data centre in the Atlantic City Convention Center in 2019. In New Jersey, dubbed the sports betting capital of the world, we offer partners a regulatory approved public cloud, enabling compute, network and storage as a service on a shared platform with dedicated connectivity for regulatory monitoring, as well as in-state and out-of-state public internet and private MPLS services. We also have private cloud capability in the states where we’re live and support AWS outpost deployment, having recently become an AWS select consulting partner.

But it's not just the US where we see huge potential for growth. Increasingly, our partners are making plays in LatAm.

We can support LatAm-based operators as well as those looking to target players in the region from Europe, for instance, with a low latency network. To support this, we’ve built out an experienced team focused solely on the region that’s based locally.

While markets such as the US and Latin America are capturing a lot of the attention, the European market is critical. For example, earlier this year, we launched our public cloud in Gibraltar, responding to changing market conditions and the demand for innovation in infrastructure.

Our global footprint continues to expand with a network spanning over 70 connected locations. And our security solutions defend critical infrastructure against an ever-increasing number of threats. Cyber attacks are rising at an unprecedented rate, and it’s predicted that cyber crime will cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. We believe in offering a layered approach to security, and that’s why we’ve enhanced our secure solutions with comprehensive threat detection and response capabilities via our 24/7 security operations center (SOC). This is in addition to our Cloud WAF protection and enterprise DDoS solutions.

Ultimately, operators and suppliers require best in class technologies and infrastructure to enter and grow in these markets, as well as a partner who understands the igaming regulatory landscape, so we remain dedicated to, and passionate about, providing this to the highest possible standards.

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