September 14, 2021 Technology

User Friendly


CasinoTrac founder and CEO Chad Hoehne explains the importance of brand image and the future of casino management systems with intuition as a key motivator.

Increasing brand awareness is something we find very important. This is because we are so confident in our product and the value that we offer that we appreciate when someone takes the time to focus on us. Ultimately, we are confident that when someone looks our way that the product will convince them on its own. In relation to our distribution deal with Jim Marsh Enterprise, this is especially important as it marks our first venture into the southern Nevada region. We have had success in the northern areas of the state, as well as markets outside of Nevada, but we have long wanted to gain a foothold in the south. So an agreement like the one I previously mentioned is a breakthrough moment for the company. In that regard, we absolutely expect more in this vein to occur as we continue to make people aware of our product.


On the ideal casino management systems and the future of the technology

One of the most important things that a casino management system can provide to its owner is the ease of operation. We develop our platform to focus on these aspects of management. It’s important that the frontline employee who uses a CMS finds it easy to operate despite their level of experience working in casinos. An intuitive process is also important for a CMS; the operation system must look and feel like something familiar to the user. On the top level, functionality and reliability are, of course, key factors. In this aspect, the standard across the industry is very high. Ultimately, a CMS must sit and run quietly and must be easy to use. Preparation is also important and technology changes quickly in this industry. During the last year to combat the pandemic, we developed the dynamic auto social distancing product, which will be deployed on our sites to automatically place adjacent machines out of service to ensure social distancing. We did this to ensure businesses can open up safely; having it there for any situation in the future is important.  I also see cashless and mobile apps as important progressions that will soon become integral to any CMS since many customers now want a cashless experience. I think these two things will be adopted across the industry perhaps faster than we think. 


On the last year and being back at in-person shows

As a company, we were fortunate over the last year during the worst of the pandemic. Our technical team remained at full capacity and we continued to develop new products. We spent a lot of time making sure our customers’ systems remained fully functional despite their properties being closed. We were able to use the last year to make sure our systems had been fully updated with new technology for when things finally opened again. Naturally at NIGA in July, we were able to show the general features of our CMS and the functionalities of our mobile app in how it transfers credits. We were also happy to demonstrate our analytics module, DataTrac, which helps visualize player data.