July 6, 2021 Technology

Product Review: DR Gaming Technology's Cashless


Cashless gaming, just like cashless anything else is without a doubt where the future lies in terms of pay and play at land-based casinos. One only has to look at where retail is, as well as online gaming and our digital neighbours in the online gambling and sports betting sectors, to realise that, and most operators have. The barriers to adopting the technology, though, are in most cases either financial, operational, regulatory or a combination of all three.

While as a technology solutions provider we can assist in driving regulatory lobbies, we cannot control them; what we can do, though, is provide solutions to the associated operational and financial questions. Let’s start with the cost. Our patented management system operates without a permanent server connection, negating the need for operators to purchase expensive servers. Then in respect of the transition or installation time, and with proper pre-planning, this can be (and has been) undertaken in sections across a casino floor in a single day without any need to close the casino. Lastly, in respect to security, ours is managed by our patented drSMIB, which collects all relevant game play data from each individual data touch points like a slot machine, the cash desk, or a live table, and shares it with all other drSMIBs in the network. In so doing, it ensures unmatched data redundancy and transactional security, as well as the provision of real-time data and reporting. Lastly, and notwithstanding the above, or the fact that some jurisdictions (like Mexico for example) have been cashless since markets opened, a key takeaway has to be the fact that players, in most cases, want choice; and while cashless is without doubt where we’re all headed, most players (for now) want a cash option too.