July 6, 2021 Technology

Product Review: Velocity Suite from Pace-O-Matic


Pace-O-Matic purchased MCM Elements and has rebranded it. Velocity is the name of the company’s new umbrella brand that will house all products related to managing routes.

Velocity is a suite of software products designed to increase the efficiency, speed and security of route management for operators in the amusement industry. MCM Elements has nine years’ experience in the amusement industry, and flagship product RouteBoost is a cloud-based route management system allowing only operators to organize and store important accounting, servicing, collection, fill and repair information. RouteBoost provides route management to make an operator’s efficiency that much easier, faster and accurate by streamlining collections, service calls, scheduling and scanning of a QR code to request fills.

RouteBoost Pro uses the internet to collect data from game terminals to the cloud and generates reports from which business decisions can be made to support management decisions related to cash and assets.

The second product under the new brand is TicketShield. TicketShield and Ticket Redemption Terminal (TRT) close the loop on cash in and cash out. Operators pay only once for a winning game ticket, thus reduces the potential theft of game proceeds and secures the operator’s vested interest. It brings enhanced security of cash and compliance with age requirements, and a lift in play for locations that utilize these items.

Third, CashKeeper handles cash inventory management for ATM and TRT machines for an operator’s route.

Finally, Law Enforcement Web Site allows easier compliance of terminals on the street to ensure that only legal terminals are placed at locations. Additional features and GPS support are provided as part of MCM Elements RouteBoost.

MCM Elements has recently hit a major milestone, delivering $7 billion in revenue for its customers, while CashKeeper has delivered more than $123m in revenue.