May 17, 2021 Technology

Product Review: Cashless Solutions from Lock Trust


As the world moves to a global market, risk is at its peak for fraudulent sites, undeliverable products and crimes at cash businesses. Chargebacks are at the highest they have ever been, causing losses across the board.

FinTech solutions provider Lock Trust solves those problems with a global footprint and secure transactions to assure money is safe and products are delivered. With Lock Trust, businesses do not sustain losses through theft, assault and the resulting cancelled insurance.

With its advanced technologies, Lock Trust has the ability to take the gaming industry completely cashless, including loading of slot machines and chip purchasing at the table, with or without terminals at the table.

The Lock Trust system offers cashless payouts, stopping the problems of spotters, theft, robbery and more.

Lock Trust also has patents pending in automated tax collection and global escrow., which offers a business and banking framework that gives both large and small banks, businesses, casinos and consumers the ability to move money and transact locally or globally with security and compliance.