May 17, 2021 Technology

Slot Review: Ultra Rush from Incredible Technologies


Incredible Technologies has introduced new features on a 4K display for its popular game family Ultra Rush.

Ultra Rush Gold: Tiger Run and Mythical Phoenix bring the game mechanics players love with the addition of persistent features such as progressives at any bet, player selectable multi-denom, free spins and a Lock and Spin bonus.

Ultra Rush Gold retains the same Lock and Spin mechanic – six or more scatters must land on the reelset to trigger the Ultra Rush bonus. But Gold scatters change the game. They’re persistent and lock on the reels for three Gold Spins, granting players more chances to accumulate the six scatters needed to initiate a bonus. Should another gold scatter land while the Gold Spins are initiated, the spin count is reset back to three. Both gold credit and wheel scatters initiate Gold Spins and the lucky Tiger or Phoenix just may randomly grant additional Gold Spins.

Once six scatters land, the Ultra Rush bonus is initiated. Players are given an initial three spins to collect scatters on a reelset of all credit awards and wheel scatters. Once a scatter lands, the spin count is reset back to three. Players who fill the grid are awarded a credit bonus based on their bet level. Progressive and jackpot awards are won within the wheel. Each wheel scatter that locks during the Ultra Rush bonus grants players one spin for progressives and jackpots. Multiple wheel scatters award multiple wheel spins.

Ultra Rush Gold is available on both Infinity V55 and Summit cabinets.