May 17, 2021 Technology

Slot Review: Konami’s Ocean Spin


This original linked progressive slot series showcases synchronized animation effects, spanning into its LED signage and digital toppers, and across multiple game cabinets. During attract mode, all cabinets become enveloped in an underwater seascape of fluorescent coral reefs, butterfly fish and a mermaid.

At the top of each game screen, animated bubbles float seamlessly across every connected machine, filled with potential bonus opportunities. Whenever any three or more clam symbols are collected, the Ocean Spin feature is awarded, and the player is invited to spin the animated bonus prize bubbles that float horizontally across all screens.

Once the player swipes the screen to spin, prize bubbles whiz across the entire bank or pod, until the spinner lands on a credit award, free games or instant progressive jackpot. The series also includes a symbol-trigger wheel spin bonus. Collected coin symbols that trigger the wheel spin bonus display random credit prizes, which upgrade the available wheel spin prizes for rewarding win experiences.

Konami’s Ocean Spin is launching at initial locations in North America with two original base games: Ocean Spin Kingdoms Treasures and Ocean Spin Pirate’s Riches. Each offers a unique free game bonus.

Kingdoms Treasures only requires two clam symbols to win additional free games during the free game feature, while Pirate’s Riches adds additional trigger symbols during the free games for increased odds for the wheel spin bonus. Ocean Spin provides multi-denomination options, ranging from one-cent to five dollars. The ocean-themed slot series features LED signage and a 49-inch curved screen delivery on the premium Dimension 49J.