March 29, 2021 Technology

Product Review: The New Version 3 Sportsbook From Champion Sports


Usability and user experience are vital in good design and are at the core of the sports betting experience on desktop and mobile. The easier and more enjoyable the sportsbook is to use, the more likely it is players will keep returning.

Based on a goal to create the fastest, most efficient and user friendly betting experience for players on both mobile and desktop, Champion Sports has spent lockdown creating a fully customisable, premium sportsbook solution to Tier 1 standards, that allows players to find the bets they want faster using a new and intuitive interface based on next generation architecture.

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Champion Sports prides itself on working with partners to achieve feature and function differentiation to fuel new customer acquisition and maximize competitive advantage.

The aim when designing the sportsbook was to make it as simple and easy to use as possible based on Don Norman from the Nielsen Norman Group’s principles of usability, that devices and interfaces should be functional, easy to use and intuitive.

By first seeking to understand the needs of players and their betting and market preferences, Champion Sports focused on a design to maximise usability to enhance the user experience, with the flexibility to allow for localisation and intelligent product differentiation for its B2B partners.

The new Version 3 Sportsbook is built on Champion Sports’ proprietary platform offering players an extensive range of in-play events and markets that provide a seamless ‘single click’ betting experience for players across all channels and devices.

Whatever a partner’s needs, Champion Sports' dedicated teams bring together highly experienced and specialised betting technology, and trading professionals; to build feature rich dynamic solutions that deliver a high-quality sports betting experience that can adapt and scale appropriately to meet any partner’s exacting requirements.