March 29, 2021 Technology

Product Review: Fast Cash Mobile Unit from NexGen Technology


NexGen Technology has designed, developed and deployed a cashless solution for casino patrons to purchase chips at their favorite table game.

Fast Cash Mobile Unit is 100% cashless via a POS PIN debit-only transaction. It is 100% wireless, and as such it does not require any connectivity to a gaming system or server, nor does it need to be hardwired to a printer, PC or monitor.

The solution is also 100% mobile, so it isn't pit or table specific. It can be utilized at any pit, any table, by any table game player. If there are multiple players sitting at one table who all wish to purchase chips at the same time, a casino employee can bring over units from the pit podium or from another table.

The Fast Cash Mobile Unit has several features and functionalities to make it easy for everyone to use:

  1. Four options for players to obtain their receipt – text, email, print or no receipt
  2. Two options for a dealer receipt
  3. An integrated printer
  4. QR code & barcode reader

With its glass touch screen, the Fast Cash Mobile Unit fits in perfectly with the COVID-19 Safe+Sound initiative.

Fast Cash made its debut at the Hard Rock Sacramento at Fire Mountain. The casino reports customers love how user-friendly it is, especially those with a language barrier.