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Eric Cunningham, training and marketing manager for Table Trac, explains the benefits of cashless gaming for casinos, and how they can now offer a true one-card or cardless solution

Coming out of a tumultuous year of change, casinos are finding new ways to interact with their customers and demonstrate that they are still safe places for entertainment and enjoyment.

Properties across the nation are discovering that there are no simple solutions. Tribal casinos have led the way to re-opening businesses in many states, and set the standard of how to do this successfully while using automated social distancing tools, acrylic dividers, and a lot of hand sanitizer.

A year in, and many properties are getting back to normal. Many are looking for solutions by moving their operations into the digital age with longer lines and higher cash-handling volume.

Digital applications offer a wide range of functionality and endless marketing possibilities. With older generations beginning to embrace smartphone technology as a staple of daily life, many casinos are looking to mobile applications for a solution to long lines as well as cash and ticket handling, thus creating a more manageable form of player interaction.

While many casinos have had mobile apps for years, new innovations expand their functionality and transform a player's phone into their player card, promotional rewards  kiosk and wallet.

Through mobile geolocation data, apps open a plethora of marketing opportunities for any size property.

Marketing departments no longer need to rely on sending costly mailers and postcards to generate visits; they now have direct access to their players at any time.

They may now send targeted promotions to players  near the casino or those visiting a competitor's property.

This same location data helps to create unique on-property experiences for players. As players come in, they can now go directly to their favorite game and card  onto the machine to begin playing and earning points.

Players can play promotional games or claim offers without ever having to leave the slot machine.

Although once seen as a method to attract Millennial players who see their phones as an extension of themselves, mobile player apps can deliver a full-service on the player's terms.

No lines or social distancing at the are required, creating a safer touch-free environment and instant access to a consistent player experience across all touchpoints.

Interactivity with the app and system give hosts and staff the ability to focus on top-tier players and new guests.

Similar to the convenience ‘ticket in, ticket out’ once brought to the industry, cashless removes the need for cash and physical tickets, while allowing players to move between games at their own pace.

Players can use the mobile application to securely and wirelessly transfer promotional credits or cash directly to and from a game. Players can also pay for other amenities at the property connected to the system using their mobile players’ card.

Combining cashless functionality and a mobile app, casinos can now offer a true one-card or cardless solution.

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