December 2, 2020 Casino, Land-Based, Interview

Table Trac founder: Staying ahead of the game


Chad Hoehne, CEO, president and founder of Table Trac Inc. has known for a long time that preparation is vital for longevity in business. Here, he discusses how inspiring customers is the key to making his systems work, especially now with increased measures in place to ensure personal safety.

Can you walk us through your career in the gaming industry? What was the impetus to first get involved? 

Coming from a finance, computer, and electronic manufacturing background, I watched as IGRA brought successful casinos across the country. I wanted to apply my computer and electronic manufacturing experience to serve this exciting and profitable business segment. In 1994 there was not an automated data tracking system for pit and table players. Filling this need was the origination of Table Trac Inc. and its patented Table Games Management and Table Player Tracking system. 

You've been at Table Trac for 25 years. Can you describe first how you've been inspired and motivated to stay with one company for so long, and, second, how Table Trac has been able to remain vital as the industry has changed and evolved? 

Since our earliest systems, every feature enhancement would inspire our customers and developers to think of new ways and new conveniences the system could provide. It is exciting and rewarding to bring those ideas to life in the system. That makes working here very engaging and fun. 

What do you see as your most urgent priorities concerning casino management now that properties are doing their best to get back to business and recover lost revenue? 

Finding ways to support our customers’ needs to re-open responsibly has been our focus. When COVID-19 hit, we listened and learned the repeated lessons to keep social distance, and clean and disinfect every surface you touch. By May, those lessons were put into action by our development team by innovating and patenting Dynamic Auto Social Distance, and auto Clean and Disinfect shutoff into our CasinoTrac casino management system, providing those features to our casino customers at no charge.  

How have you been personally challenged to keep Table Trac functioning at a high standard through the last several months, especially at the height of lockdown? 

Our efforts to create, test and gain regulatory permissions to deploy the Dynamic Auto Social Distance and Clean and Disinfect auto-shutoff features in time for our casino customers  

to open made it easy to stay highly engaged and focused. It gave us purpose and a goal to focus on during the shutdowns. 

Can you talk about Table Trac’s strategies to help casinos build more robust and resilient contingency measures in regard to VIP programs, accounting and IT systems? 

Helping casinos build self-sufficiency within the casino organization instead of dependency on outside services and parties is our philosophy. A self-sufficient casino is the best contingency against external chaos. That is why our CasinoTrac management system training staff is so critical to our business. It is the vehicle to deliver the full value of the system and help our business partners gain self-sufficiency. 

When do you envision a return to a general sense of normalcy? How is 2021 shaping up? 

I believe that this last six months will cause casino owners to re-evaluate every aspect of their casino business and the value they’re receiving from their CMS systems. When that occurs,  

Table Trac Inc.’s CasinoTrac easy to use, easy to maintain system stands out. I believe 2021 will be a very good year for us.