Product Review: Eclipse Gaming - Big Shake 2

March 22, 2024

We are shaking things up ... AGAIN! Introducing Big Shake 2, the exhilarating new addition to the Cash Arcade Series. Big Shake 2 combines the thrill of traditional slot play with the excitement and nostalgia of an arcade coin pusher. Meet your host, Jackpot!

Jackpot is his name, and hosting is his game. Embark on a quest with Jackpot in his search for his lost lucky gem hidden somewhere within a mountain of coins. During game play, coins, mystery prize piggy banks, poker chips, Jackpot coin cards and jackpot gems cascade onto the coin pusher. Once these items are pushed off the lower deck, players are rewarded with big prizes.

Big Shake 2 boasts engaging bonus features such as the Rapid-Fire Bonus, Second Chance Re-Spin Bonus and Gold Rush Bonus.

During the Rapid-Fire Bonus, players can really “gopher” it as Jackpot descends onto the screen with a mechanical hose that floods the screen with coins. Using the on-screen slider, players can target areas on the coin pusher to maximize winnings.

 Jackpot really likes to SHAKE things up and may offer players a Second Chance Re-Spin to win Big! During the Gold Rush Bonus, a mountain of coins will pour out of the gate and onto the lower coin pusher shelf and beyond. Jackpot may add even more excitement by throwing Mini and Major jackpot gems over the lower shelf.

Players can also SHAKE up the mood by using the Cash Arcade Radio Feature to customize their soundtrack and playing experience.

From the captivating storyline, eye-catching animations, and customized soundtrack to the innovative gameplay mechanics, this game is sure to thrill players and keep them coming back for more! Get ready to SHAKE things up with Big Shake 2 and your host, Jackpot! 


Mar/Apr 2024

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