Based in Oklahoma, the Cherokee Nation were federally recognized in 1839 and operate the Cherokee Nation Businesses (CNB).


The Cherokee Nation is a sovereign tribal government based in the city of Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Today, the Cherokee Nation is the largest tribe in the United States, with more than 141,000 citizens residing within the tribe’s reservation boundaries in northeastern Oklahoma. There are more than 450,000 tribal citizens worldwide. 

When the first Europeans arrived in 1540, the Cherokee Nation was spread across West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. The Cherokee language has been preserved to the modern day but still remains endangered. 

The modern Cherokee tribes are the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, The Cherokee Nation, and The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians. 

After the Cherokee removal through the ‘Trail of Tears’, an ethnic cleansing and forced displacement of approximately 60,000 people across the ‘Five Civilized Tribes’, the Nation settled in Oklahoma. During the ‘Trail of Tears’, 4,000 Cherokee lives were lost due to extreme travel conditions and sickness. 

Several treaties were signed after this, most notably in 1827, 1835 and 1839. In 1906, Congress signed the Five Tribes Act and the Oklahoma Enabling Act, which introduced the dissolution of tribes, but also included a clause stating "the tribal existence and present tribal governments of [the Five Tribes] are hereby continued in full force and effect for all purposes authorized by law.” 

This wouldn’t be reversed until 2020 when McGirt v. Oklahoma, a landmark United States Supreme Court case. As part of this case, the Five Tribes (Muscogee, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole) all had their reservations officially recognized. Two other tribes, the Quapaw Nation and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, were also federally recognized.

The Cherokee Nation Businesses (CNB) was founded on June 16, 2004, which operates as a conglomerate holding company for a range of different Cherokee Nation companies. One of these is Cherokee Nation Entertainment (CNE), which itself was founded at some point in the 1980s. 

CNE is the business that operates the gaming operations of Cherokee Nation, including its casinos, hotels, horseracing facilities, golf courses and others. 

Tribal Government

The Cherokee Nation is the sovereign government of the Cherokee people. It operates under a Constitution with executive, legislative and judicial branches. 

The Cherokee Nation is the governing body of the Cherokee people and has the right to structure its own government and constitution. This includes the right to make and enforce its own laws, regulate business and impose taxes within the Cherokee Nation’s jurisdiction. The Cherokee Nation is also one of the largest employers in northeast Oklahoma. 

The positions of Principal Chief, Deputy Principal Chief, and Tribal Council representative are elected by the citizens of the Cherokee Nation. They serve four-year terms, exactly as the US government does. 

Tribal gaming operations

Cherokee Nation Entertainment operates ten casino properties in Oklahoma. 

Cherokee Casino Fort Gibson

The Fort Gibson property has 500 gaming machines and one restaurant. 

Cherokee Casino Grove

The Grove property has 400 gaming machines, one restaurant and one bar.

Cherokee Casino & Hotel Roland

The Roland property has over 800 gaming machines, including a High-Limit Gaming Room. The casino also offers eight table games, including Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold'em Progressive, Three Card Poker Progressive and 21 Plus 3.

Cherokee Casino & Hotel Roland also has a pool and a Garrison Station Event Center.

Cherokee Casino & Hotel West Siloam Springs

The West Siloam Springs property has over 1,600 gaming machines, including reel, video reel and video poker games with jackpots and progressives.

The gaming floor has 18 live table games, including Ultimate Texas Hold'em Progressive, Three Card Poker Progressive, Blackjack, Craps and Roulette.

The poker room is open most days of the week and offers Texas Hold'em, Seven Card Stud and Omaha.

The Simulcast room has 12 screens and 20 individual carrel stations. Players will be able to bet on a range of off-track betting races, including Harness, Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, dirt, synthetic, turf, sprint and route.

Cherokee Casino Ramona

The Ramona property has over 4500 gaming machines.

Cherokee Casino Sallisaw

The Sallisaw property has over 250 gaming machines, including reel, video reel and video poker games with jackpots and progressives.

The Simulcast room has ten screens and 20 individual carrel stations.

Cherokee Casino South Coffeyville

The South Coffeyville property has over 300 gaming machines.

Cherokee Casino Tahlequah

The Tahlequah property has over 400 gaming machines, two restaurants and one bar.

Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs

The Will Rodgers Downs property has over 250 gaming machines and appaloosa, quarter horse and thoroughbred racing at the racetrack.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa

The Tulsa property has over 2,500 gaming machines, including reel, video reel and video poker games with jackpots and progressives. 

The venue has 54 table games; Blackjack, craps, roulette, three-card progressive, ultimate Texas hold'em progressive & free bet blackjack. 

The Poker Room has 14 tables and the dealers are trained in Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Seven-Card Stud.

Guests can also use the Cherokee Hills Golf Club, the Adult Pool at Hard Rock, the Body Rock fitness center.

Non-gaming operations

Manufacturing and Distribution

The Cherokee Nation Industries (CNI) supplies resources to the aerospace industry, telecommunications companies and the government. This division is also a defense contractor for the US Department of Defense.

Federal Solutions

There are over 20 different Cherokee Nation Federal Services businesses. These companies deal with management, consulting and professional services, including the recruiting, credentialing and placement of clinical, technical, administrative, professional, engineering and housekeeping personnel. This division has contracts with both commercial and federal clients.

Real Estate

The Cherokee Nation Property Management (CNPM) deals with the management, leasing and development of long-term properties.

Environmental and Construction

The Environmental and Construction Division oversees the construction, engineering and scheduling of construction projects. This division has both commercial and federal clients.


The Technology Division provides a full scope of products, services and solutions; from the production, management and support of staff. This division has both commercial and federal clients.

Cultural & Economic Development

The Cherokee Nation operates six museums of cultural significance. 

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