Global Payments Gaming Solutions

7201 W Lake Mead Blvd # 501, Las Vegas, NV 89128
Global Payments Gaming Solutions is the leader in enabling true cashless casino gaming while providing an easier, more efficient way to fund play.
Developing innovative cash access services to the gaming industry for nearly 20 years, Global Payments enables the world’s gaming entertainment leaders to deliver amazing consumer experiences while maximizing spend across their physical and digital properties.

Led by a team of service-driven industry experts, Global Payments empowers gaming establishments across the U.S. and Canada with the most technologically advanced cash access and support systems available today. Global Payments proudly owns and operates their own cash advance and check systems, both of which have set the bar for technology, uptime and customer experience. Global Payments’ complete suite of payment solutions, including the flagship VIP Mobility, enables safe, secure and trusted cash access, regardless of patrons’ preferred method of payment.

Catering to digital-first consumer expectations, Global Payments’ VIP Mobility is the first and only solution of its kind to bring a modern and digital approach to gaming. VIP Mobility harnesses the convenience, flexibility and ease of Global Payments’ groundbreaking VIP Preferred account network, plus functions like eCheck and Choice 4™ deferred settlement, equipping modern gamers to transfer funds directly from their VIP Preferred balance to their favorite game with the touch of a screen. By embracing system-agnostic solutions like VIP Mobility, casinos can tap the flexibility needed to offer digital alternatives to traditional forms of wagering, minimize operating costs and meet consumer expectations.
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